I would recommend working with Clare to anyone.  I first approached her as I was struggling with anxiety.  Clare was able to give me the straightforward and down-to-earth help that I needed.  As the counselling process unfolded, I discovered that it could help me grow and develop in ways I had not anticipated and I now feel better in many ways.  I’m more observant & accepting, more confident, assertive and empathetic.  Overall, I’m clearer about my own goals and ways in which I can be happy & contented.

Clare provided me with a lifeline when I first went to see her. I was under extreme pressure both at home and work. Since then she has helped me launch a fully stocked lifeboat and to chart a journey into more settled waters. I am and always will be enormously grateful to her.

I was stuck in a place that wasn’t safe and couldn’t see a way forward. I couldn’t work out what the issues were, it was such a mess. Worst of all I felt a victim of circumstance. With Clare’s help, I began to sort out the issues and deal with them. Incrementally I took responsibility for my own behaviour and began to feel powerful again. As a result my confidence returned and life moved on.

Clare provided me with an invaluable space in which to make sense of my world, and face up to the future and what I really wanted from it.  Her kindness, calmness and insight have made a real difference to my life, and I have learnt a great deal about myself through working with her.

With compassion and empathy, Clare empowered me to see the patterns I was creating in my life and develop the confidence to make and sustain positive changes. I am honoured to have worked with her, thank you Clare.

Clare provides a safe, supportive environment in which to explore innermost thoughts and feelings.  Working with Clare is both a pleasure and a positive life-changing experience.

Clare is supportive and challenging in equal measure. I was nervous about counselling as I thought it was an admission of failure. I work in a fast paced corporate coaching career helping people to achieve results. The trouble was, I felt that I was the one “stuck in a rut”.  My anxieties didn’t last long as Clare put me at my ease and normalized the process. Counselling is a place where I can have space and come out with a fresh way of looking at situations. Clare has built bespoke sessions to match my needs. I can’t put a price on what I have gained.

Clare has helped me focus, understand the past, and put in place tools that I can use to be happy and content with my life.